How Do I Become a Cuckold?

A great start is to have a Wife or Long Term Girlfriend who wants to be a hotwife. Without the Hotwife, you cannot be a Cuckold.

Talk to your partner and make sure that she wants to be a Hotwife. If she is interested in playing with other guys, either with you watching or on her own, you are in business.

If your Hotwife want you to find Bulls for her to play with you need to start searching through the male members on this site. Just fill in the basic details on the joining form and start searching our members.

Read the profiles of men you think suit your needs. Make sure the men you write to are interested in fulfilling your/your wifes fantasies before writing. Write telling the guy what you are both looking for wan arrange to call each other when you and your wife are both available to speak to the man.

Let your hotwife do most of the talking to make sure she is comfortable with him. Unless your wife has asked you to, you should never arrange a blind date for her.

Keep reassuring your hotwife that you are happy and excited for her to have sex with another person. Often the wife will be worried that you wil be upset if she does follow through.

If she is meeting the guy at a hotel or his home, Aske her to send you a few pictures to she the fun she is having, When she returns home take her straight to bed and talk her evening through while you play with her.

If she is having the man at your house to play with you watching, make sure you give her reassuring smiles and comments while she is playing. After the bull has finished, if you are allowed to, move in and play with, and make love to your wife tewlling her how great it was seeing her play.